When deciding between the models in our range, you will have to take into account a wide range of factors such as: the type of camping you do, the place you frequent, the local climate, the use you intend to make of your trailer... Don't hesitate to discuss these aspects with our distributors; you will receive the most professional advice to help you make your choice.

What is the right size for your caravan?

When choosing your trailer, our dealers will ask you about the make, model, variants and year of your caravan. This information will help to determine which size of headlining is right for you.

In case you do not know any of these details, INACA offers you a better and greater service by classifying your headliner in a series of sizes that correspond to the perimeter of each caravan (see table on each model).

How to find out the perimeter?

First level your caravan and set the desired height. With the caravan on a flat surface, measure the contour of the guide plus its extension to the ground on both sides, following the red line in the drawing. With the measurement from A to B, you will get the circumference of your caravan: from here you can look in the table and find the size that corresponds to your caravan.

For sport trailers (winter, porches, etc.), this measurement is not relevant, as the decisive factor is the height from the aluminium rail to the ground.


If the result of measuring the contour of your caravan to the ground (from A to B) is 956cm, the size that corresponds to you will be V-950.

Important notes on sizes and circumferences.

Please take great care when measuring your circumference or giving your caravan details to your dealer. The correct choice of size is a decisive factor for the proper installation of your trailer.

If you receive an incorrectly sized awning, which does not fit your caravan (too short or too long), please remove it immediately and pack it in its original packaging.

Depending on the different sizes of the headlining, the front panel may have different layouts. The aim is to find the optimum in functionality and space for each of the front panel lengths. Carefully observe the diagram and the correspondence with your size to avoid surprises.