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» The Importance of choosing the correct Awning

Useful information for a good purchase. Not all awnings are designed and manufactured to the same specification. At INACA, our range is conceived to fulfil the requirements of each caravanner. Before purchasing an awning it is important to think about the various features that might interest you. We have stressed some of the features that should be considered in order for you to select the correct awning.

» Spaciousness:

The depth of awning you select is determined by the size of your pitch. The European standard in awning depth is 250cm. INACA also offers depths of 270cm, 300cm and even 350cm to provide suitable alternatives for every customer.

» Materials:

The canvas of an awning can be manufactured in many different types of material. At INACA we offer; Acrylic (strong and breathable), Polyester PVA (lightweight, breathable and very durable) and Polyester PVC (very strong and easy to clean). All of these high quality materials are waterproof and resilient.

» Mosquito netting and ventilation:

For your comfort in warmer weather it is important that the awning is correctly ventilated. We offer awnings with mosquito netting in the side panel(s) coupled with ventilation in the upper central part of the front wall. Ventilation also serves to lessen undesired condensation. Awnings fabricated completely from Polyester PVC are more prone to excess condensation (non-breathable).

» Windows and zip down covers:

The composition of the panels along the front wall may vary according to the size of your awning and the model chosen. On certain models the windows will be provided with zip down covers, preserving the window material from adverse external weather conditions and offering additional privacy. » Frames: We supply high quality frames made by Campion with our awnings. Our standard frames are 25mm Ø galvanised steel. They are galvanised both from the outside and inside thus avoiding any chance of oxidation. INACA also offers lightweight frames in its range, including aluminium and top quality fibreglass (available only on certain models).

» Fixing system:

We supply the FIX-ON system from Campion as standard with most models. These specialised fixtures allow you to fit the awning to your caravan without any screws. INACA shares with its associates the pride of using top quality materials and components throughout the manufacture of all our products.

» Find the size of your awning

Want to find the likes of awning you need? If you know the model and year of your caravan, you can directly access your awning.

» Download catalogs in PDF

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