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Complements >> Ibiza canopy

Lightweight and easy to assemble canopy. Manufactured from PVA polyester, it is breathable and lightweight. Supplied as standard with steel legs, the full frame is sold separately but also fits with Prenox 270 or fiberglass 270 frames.

Optional side panels can be linked to the canopy through a straight zip. The side panels are interchangeable with each other. They are available with window or without window, on both sides to combine them to the desired taste and needs. The mudflap is optional.


SIZES From R-710 cm to Z-1185 cm
DEPTH 240 cm
MATERIALS   PVA polyester, plain grey
FRAME Galvanised steel legs 25 mm Ø


• Panels with window 
• Panels without window
• Prenox 270 steel frame
• Mudflap and wheel cover

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