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» How to choose your awning?

Inaca offers a wide range of awnings. Each of them has different performance qualities to satisfy every caravanner's specific needs. Therefore, it is very important to choose an awning that suits your needs. Do not hesitate to ask your distributors for advice. Their professional assessment will help you with your choice.

» Which is the most suitable awning for your caravan?

When buying your awning, our distributors will need to know the Brand, Model, and Year of your caravan. If you are unsure about any of these facts, Inaca offers you a quick and efficient guide classifying the awning's size according to the perimeter of each caravan.

» How to measure the perimeter of your caravan?

With your caravan on flat ground, measure your awning rail from floor to floor as shown by the red line in the diagram. By measuring the distance from A to B, you can have the perimeter of your caravan. For instance: If your caravan has a perimeter of 944 cms (Measurement from A to B), the appropriate awning for you is V-950.



» Some important suggestions:

Always pay special attention at measuring the perimeter of your caravan; The correct election of the size you require is a determinant factor for the proper erection of your awning. According to the different sizes the distribution of the front panel may vary. Pay attention at the diagrams in order to avoid misunderstandings. Never pack your awning when wet. Never clean your awning with products that may damage the materials. When you use your PVC awning for the first time under rainy conditions, it is possible that the seams may leak initially. The problem will disappear when the stitching has swollen into place over the following days use. All weights and measurements shown in this catalogue are approximate. INACA, SA reserves the right to make improvements/changes on the products. We want to thank to the Council of Sant Boi de LLobregat, to our partners from Barrons NZ and to everyone who has participated in the creation of this catalogue.

» Find the size of your awning

Want to find the likes of awning you need? If you know the model and year of your caravan, you can directly access your awning.
Perimeter/cms Size
736-760 R-750
761-785 R-775
786-810 S-800
811-835 S-825
836-860 T-850
861-885 T-875
886-910 U-900
911-935 U-925
936-960 V-950
961-985 V-975
986-1010 W-1000
1011-1035 W-1025
1036-1060 X-1050
1061-1085 X-1075
1086-1110 Y-1100
1111-1135 Y-1125
1136-1160 Z-1150
1161-1185 Z-1175
1186-1210 ZZ-1200
1211-1235 ZZ-1225