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Complements >> Front sun canopy

The front sun canopy is a product that helps to expand the space and give greater comfort.

It is breathable and lightweight, includes the frame and pegs for its assembly. It is coupled to its awning under the visor through the tension poles.

It is essential to provide the year of manufacture of its awning or the measurement of the front.

The side panel has a transparent window, is adaptable to both sides and is attached to the roof pole. The frame and accessories for correct fitting are included.


SIZES From S-786 cm to Z-1185 cm
DEPTH 240 cm
FRAME Campion galvanized steel
MATERIALS  PVA polyester

» Find the size of your awning

Want to find the likes of awning you need? If you know the model and year of your caravan, you can directly access your awning.